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We help you improve your energy and get back to your dream weight back

The course we are working on is a wonderful process for cleaning waste in the body and gut, as well as a weight loss program that has already changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

The program has been developed by a Norwegian doctor who has worked for many years to find the best solution to make the body clean, balance and stabilize all health values.

We use principles such as properly formulated foods, fixed diet programs and unique nutritional supplements.

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The diet program

Persistent weight loss. Get the energy and the surplus back.

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What are people saying

Many have already had great success and achieved good results.

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Properly composed food

What we eat is much more important to our well-being than we are often aware of.

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Nutritional supplements

Ensures your body gets the nutrients it needs every single day.

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Why can we help you?

When nurse Astrid introduced us to what optimal nutrition could do for us and a unique food plan, to help cleanse and lose weight, we couldn't understand how it would help us! We were very skeptical.

The results didn't take long to show. For what do you think happened to the energy, quality of sleep, health and quality of life when the body was optimally nourished?

We immediately got the energy back, got a body in balance and began to radiate! Do you want a new start in life? More energy?

Struggling with any of these symptoms: High weight, poor immune function, a sweet tooth, low energy, poor sleep or undefined symptoms?

Have you tried most of the diets and feel nothing works? Then this food program is perfect for you!

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The food

Eat good and nutritious food

The diet program contains good and tasty foods that help you change your lifestyle and make you feel full throughout the diet.

Take control - Do as 1.5 million other health winners

You follow three simple steps to create a new lifestyle

White days

The diet consists of four protein-rich meals each day, as well as nutritional products

Green days

Continuous protein-rich meals, as well as selected vegetables, yogurt, seeds and nutritional products.


After week 4, the stabilization phase, which lasts for a minimum of 2 months, starts and the tools for lasting results are now available

The diet program

Simple program - Lasting change

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